How to Meet Tons of Hot & Sexy Single Women With Tattoos

I’ve discovered a unique new way to attract and meet lots of single women for dating and romance. A pick up technique that works especially well at beaches, swimming pools, and topless clubs. What is it?

It’s giving single girls temporary tattoos and they just love them. What are temporary tattoos? Well, they look just like real tattoos, but are applied with water and last 2 to 4 days or more. They will last through swimming or showers, but are easily removed with baby oil or rubbing alcohol. The tattoos are real easy to apply and it only takes less than 30 seconds.

I will tell you later where you can get these girl-getting tattoos later. But, first let’s talk about how to use them to meet, attract, and pick up girls.

When you are at the beach, swimming pool, or topless club, just simply approach a single girl that you are attracted to and show her your temporary tattoos and say, “Hi, my name is_________. Would like to wear one of these temporary tattoos? They last a couple of days and come off real easy with baby oil or rubbing alcohol.”

Most girls will want one and you will get some physical contact with her when you put the tattoo on her body. And who knows, she just might want you to put it on her breast or bare ass. Tell me, guys, wouldn’t that be a lot of fun!

After you have put the tattoo on, then you can follow up with your charm and conversational skills and ask for a date. I’d recommend just asking her to meet you for lunch or coffee? Just a casual get-together to get to know each other.

Here’s another idea that will capture the attention of several of those hot & sexy babes at the beach and swimming pools. Go to your local drug store or arts and craft store. Get a white poster board and a red marker. Write this on your poster in big letters: FREE TEMPORARY TATTOOS FOR ALL SINGLE LADIES!

Now, all you have to do is display your sign and watch all the babes come your way. It’s really going to stir up their curiosity.

These removable tattoos are available from: Don Ling’s Removable Tattoos, Box 309, Butterfield, MN 56120. I would start off by ordering the following items which are $4.00 per sheet: Item # 35 Roses (8 roses per sheet) or Item # 71 Hearts (18 hearts per sheet). You can also order your tattoos using your credit card by calling 1-800-247-6817. They even have distributorships available if you want to make some extra money selling their tattoos (they have hundreds of tattoos to select from).

P.S. Gemini Publishing has no affiliation with Don Ling’s Removable Tattoos. I just wanted pass along to you this unique method of meeting tons of hot & sexy single beautiful women for love, sex, and romance.